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Welcome to Lebanon

Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and crossed by two parallel mountain ranges, Lebanon seems suspended between sky and sea.

Despite its small size, this country is characterized by its incredible diversity. A diversity that can be found both in its relief, its nature, its culture and its history.

From the blue sea to the snowy peaks, landscapes sometimes arid, sometimes green, are offered to the visitor in a surprising contrast. Lebanon is also a country of multiple origins, shaped by 10,000 years of history.

The beauty of this country and its privileged geographical position have made it coveted by various civilizations which have left their cultural and archaeological traces there.

Describing Lebanon is pointless. Lebanon cannot be described, it is experienced. This is why we invite you to come and visit this wonderful country through this itinerary that will take you from town to village, from site to city, from one era to another...

Book a room now at Quartier Suisse Hotel, located 15 minutes from Beirut, in Broummana, a charming village a little high and cool. You will find many useful details and links on our website.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and the availability of our rooms.

We hope to weclome you very soon in Lebanon and at Quartier Suisse Hotel

Your Quartier Suisse Hotel Team


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