The ancient city of Byblos in Lebanon is one of the oldest cities in the World where the presence of Humanity has been continuous for more than 7000 years.


Baalbek is the ancient Heliopolis of the Romans. Today, the modern city has around 80,000 residents. The highest temperature in Lebanon was recorded there with 47 ° C.


Jeita cave is located in Jeita 18 kilometers north of Beirut, in the valley of Nahr el-Kelb. The complex consists of two caves. The lower cave can be visited by boat.


Tripoli is, by its demographic, historical and economic importance, the second city of Lebanon. Its population is estimated at around 850,000 inhabitants.


The Cedars of God forest is one of the last vestiges of the old cedar forest of Lebanon which covered the upper plant floor of Mount Lebanon.


A veritable fortress, a marvel with monumental architecture and numerous courtyards where multiple mosaics are on display.


Anjar is a town in Lebanon on the Bekaa plain, about halfway on the road from Beirut to Damascus. Its population is estimated at around 5,500 inhabitants and it is mainly of Armenian origin.


Zahlé is a Lebanese city, capital of the governorate of Bekaa, and fourth largest city in Lebanon after Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, Tripoli, capital of North Lebanon and Jounieh, capital of the district of Kesrouan.


Sidon or Saïda in Arabic was in Antiquity the undisputed capital of Phenicia. The city was built on a promontory jutting out into the sea. It was the largest port of Phenicia under its king Zimrida, in the 14th century BC. AD.


Tire, was one of the great Phoenician cities which preserves important archaeological vestiges, mainly from Roman times.


Harissa is a village above Junieh at 650 meters high, from where the view extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the chain of Mount Lebanon and the city of Beirut.


Lebanon also offers a large number of public and private white sand beaches with a turquoise sea and unforgettable sunsets.

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