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Lebanon's Summer Tourism Soars Beyond Imagination

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Record-Breaking Arrival Numbers

In the radiant embrace of Lebanon's summer, an enchanting wave of tourists has swept the land, transcending even the loftiest expectations, as revealed by the heralded National News Agency. Expert voices from within the industry echo in jubilation, confirming this summer to be nothing short of remarkable.

Every day at Beirut airport, a symphony of arrivals orchestrates a grand spectacle. A breathtaking transformation from the ordinary, with 125 planes gracing the skies, surpassing the routine 90. A magnificent testament to the allure of Lebanon, the number of arrivals eclipsing a staggering 21,000 daily. Jean Abboud, the esteemed head of the Syndicate of Tourism and Travel Agencies, proudly proclaims this revelation.

Diverse Global Appeal

In a profound shift that resonates on the economic stage, tourists compose more than 40 percent of all those arriving this summer, a significant ascent from the previous year's 30 percent. A splendid crescendo that paints a vibrant picture for Lebanon's fortunes.

A grand tapestry of international guests adorns the nation, their numbers destined to soar beyond expectations. A mesmerizing figure, with over 800,000 Arab and foreign tourists anticipated this summer alone, while the entirety of the year will usher in a symposium of 1.7 million visitors from around the world.

Europe, that charming land across the seas, plays a leading role, casting a spell that accounts for more than 40 percent of all tourists gracing Lebanon's shores. A captivating display, followed in awe by the footsteps of Jordanian, Iraqi, and Egyptian travelers, capturing a splendid share of 35 percent.

Tourism: A Beacon of Hope

In this moment, Lebanon cradles its tourism treasure with a poignant need, for it unfolds in a time of economic trials, amid unprecedented challenges. The political stage witnesses a poignant vacuum, yet this splendid surge of tourists paints a picture of hope, injecting life into the nation's coffers and spirit.

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A Unforgettable Journey

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Lebanon's Summer Tourism Soars Beyond Imagination

Lebanon's Summer Tourism Soars Beyond Imagination


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