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A hotel in Beirut

A hotel in Beirut... And not just any hotel! A Swiss quality hotel built with heart. A hotel that doesn't belong to an impersonal chain but to Swiss-Lebanese investors who restored it with all their heart. So you will feel at ease there, because what is made with the heart always has that touching, striking, extra detail that catches the eye!

You can book your next stay today, for leisure or for business, for lazing about or doing it all at the same time! This hotel is located right in the center of the village of Brummana, a nice place to stay. The Lebanese know of it well; they all go there from Beirut in search of a dream life and to enjoy the famous restaurants that are just a few steps away from the Quartier Suisse hotel.

Its customized rooms are waiting for you there; they welcome you and make you feel good and... dare we say it... loved. Allow yourself to be pampered and enveloped by this unique oriental atmosphere and by the Swiss quality of the details which make you feel calm and peaceful.

A hotel in Beirut

A welcoming, enveloping, human-scale hotel open onto the mountains since it is located on Mount Lebanon, just fifteen minutes away from Beirut. Therefore, you can enjoy some pleasurable coolness in summer as well as a magnificent and clear view which gives a feeling of lightness and well-being. All the while enjoying all the hustle and bustle of Beirut, so close and yet so quiet, when you look at things from a little height... like from this hotel. Let’s not forget: the Quartier Suisse hotel in Beirut is a must!

This hotel gives an impression of space, in a refined oriental ambiance. Besides, it's not just an impression, it's a reality! This hotel is open to the world, the same way an extrovert is open to others! It is a welcoming and affectionate hotel for its travelers, lively and very cozy.

Customized rooms

The rooms, all in the same tone made of this oriental easy living, so distinctive and so rich, each have their own personality. Whether you come alone, as a couple or with your family, you will find a room suited for you that will treat you to a comfortable, cozy stay.

They have been decorated by combining Swiss quality with Lebanese subtlety. The Swiss interior designer who envisioned the inner happiness also put all his heart into it. Indeed, when he arrived in Lebanon, he understood that it was a country that spoke to him and called him. These are things you can feel. The rooms vibrate with the distinctive impulse with which he renovated, in an artistic and committed way, each of the hotel's areas. Especially the rooms, of course, where you are staying – and which are waiting for you!

The lobby, its fireplace, and its terrace

The hotel's bright and spacious lobby welcomes you with its friendly, discreet and caring staff ready to help you settle in. In winter, when the weather gets colder, the beautiful fireplace brings you comfort when you reach your destination! Its logs crackle with the joy of coming together again, just like at home.

In the summer, of course – but also in spring and autumn – this spacious lobby gives you access to the adjacent terrace where you can sit and enjoy a drink, looking out into the distance while dreaming about the splendid mountains on the horizon!

How many deals have been concluded in this welcoming lobby, how many declarations of love have been whispered in this large room…? Thankfully, the walls are quiet and they guard their secrets jealously. One thing is for sure, this is a place where great moments are bound to happen.

A terrace on the roof of the hotel

The hotel has five floors and a rooftop lounge, which allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings and to savor, once again, the time that passes so deliciously in this great vastness.

There, you can also enjoy a drink served by a staff always so attentive. Whether to have a sip, a nice chat, or to discuss about life... this open-air lounge is the perfect place to be during the summer. Located above the sometimes overwhelming heat of Beirut, away from the furnace of summer, this rooftop lounge is a true refuge, an oasis of coolness.

Five floors and a world of its own

Equipped with all modern comforts, including Wi-Fi in each room, this hotel, far from the big chains and their impersonal rooms, is what is sometimes called a boutique hotel. A hotel that takes the opposite side of modernity, which is sometimes a little too cold, to go back to a more friendly atmosphere, yet without falling into familiarity.

On the lower floors you will find the car park and the large breakfast room of the Arabian Nights, embellished with a terrace on sunny days. Upstairs, you will find the large lobby with its bar, and the rooms which, although furnished with the same taste, are different in size and orientation. There is something for everyone, precisely! From the twin beds to the two by two meters, king-size bed, you will feel at ease.

A family or professional stay

The hotel regularly hosts professional seminars, thanks to the large and beautiful room located on the lower floor, extended by a terrace. This magical room can also host a wedding and its banquet, which is particularly enjoyable during the warm season. Because, let's not forget, the terrace is an invitation to take a breath of fresh air and to connect with the landscapes that surround it so harmoniously.

This is the description of the hotel, a place to stay especially appreciated by the international clientele – but also more local – who regularly stays there.

Have we made you want to come to our hotel in Beirut? Good, because you won't regret it.

If you are interested, feel free to go directly to the reservation page, to click, or to call us. There will always be someone at the end of the line to answer you, a warm voice that will remember you when you arrive. This is also what the tradition in Lebanon is all about.

A tradition that our hotel has been able to preserve through thick and thin, simply because that’s its mission in life.

Greetings from the team of Quartier Suisse Hotel